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  HP-COMPAQ-90W-CP12O-Laptop Original Adapter  
Model No: 90W-CP12O
ACpin: 3Pin
Spec: 18.5V-4.9A (4.8*1.7 Bullet)
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PPP014S 239428-001 239704-001 239705-001
283884-001 286755-001 287515-001 310744-001
310744-002 324815-001 432309-001 0220A1890
102576 102577 103981 239428-001
239428-002 239705-001 287515-001 310744-002
324815-001 324815-002 324816-003 325112-001
338136-001 374791-001 386315-001 386315-002
387661-001 393954-001 393955-001 394224-001
408488-001 409515-001 432309-001 432310-001
458220-001 83-110106-1000 HP-OL091B13 PPP014H
239428-002 DC895A#ABA DC895A EH642AA
PA-1900-05 PA-1900-05C1 PA-1900-08R1 PPP012HA
Compaq Business Notebook NC8000 Series Compaq Business Notebook NC8100 Series Compaq Business Notebook NC8200 Series
including NC8230 etc) hp/Compaq Notebook PC 8000 Series hp/Compaq Notebook PC 8200 Series NC8230
NX8220) hp/Compaq Notebook PC 8400 Series NC8430 NX8420)
Pavilion DV8000xx Pavilion DV8200 EE840AV & EE840AVR models) DV8230ca
DV8233cl DV8235nr DV8275la DV8280us
DV8293ea DV8298xx DV8299xx Pavilion DV8301tx
DV8308tx DV8320ca DV8320us DV8327cl
DV8327us DV8327ca DV8327ea DV8328ea
DV8328ca DV8330us DV8333cl DV8339us
DV8356ea DV8372ea DV8373ea DV8375la
DV8387ea DV8380us DV8395ea DV8397ea
Business Notebook NC4000 Series Business Notebook NC6000 Series Business Notebook NX5000 Series Business Notebook NX7000 Series
But NOT NX9000 Series) hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC2400 hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC4400
hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC6000 hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC6100 Series NC6110 NC6120)
hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC6200 Series NC6220) hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC6300 Series NC6320)
hp/Compaq Notebook PC NX6100 Series NX6110 NX6115 NX6120
NX6125 hp/Compaq Notebook PC NX6300 Series NX6310 NX6315
NX6320 NX6325 hp/Compaq Notebook PC NC8000 But NOT NC8200 Series)
Presario M2000 Series Presario M2100 Series m2105ca Presario M2200 Series Presario M2300 Series
Presario M2400 Series M2401xt Presario M2500 Series M2505 Presario V2000 Series V2000z Presario V2100 Series V2135us
Presario V2200 Series V2205us V2210us Presario V2300 Series V2310us Presario V2400 Series V2403us
V2405us V2410us V2414nr Presario V2500 Series V2505us
V2555us V2570nr Presario V3000 Series V3018cl V3019us
V3022au Presario V3100 Series V3110us Presario V4000 Series V4000 V4000z
Presario V4100 Series V4105us V4115us Presario V4200 Series V4240us Presario V4300 Series V4332us.Presario V4400 Series V4430us
Presario V5000 Series V5015us Presario V5100 Series V5115us Presario V5200 Series V5209us Presario X1000 Series X1010us.Presario X1100 Series X1110us
Armada E300 E500 E500S E700
Armada M300 M500 M700 Armada Convenience Base for m300
m700 e500 e700 n400c
n410c n600c Armada V300 Armada 100
100s 100 110s EVO n110
n150 EVO n400c n410c EVO n600c
n610c n620cEVO n800 n800c n800v
n800w EVO N1000 N8000 Prosignia 165
170 190 800 Pavilion ZT3000 Series
Pavilion DV1000 Series DV1010us Pavilion DV1100 Series DV1170us
Pavilion DV1200 Series DV1245cl [nDV1227us) Pavilion DV1300 Series
DV1310us DV1311se DV1321us Pavilion DV1400 Series
DV1410us DV1427us DV1439us Pavilion DV1500 Series
DVDV1530us Pavilion DV1600 Series DV1675us Pavilion DV1700 Series
DV1720us Pavilion DV4000 Series DV4020us DV40330
Pavilion DV4100 Series DV4165cl Pavilion DV4200 Series DV4223cl
DV4230us Pavilion DV4300 Series DV4307cl Pavilion DV4400 Series
DV4410us DV4430us DV4440us Pavilion DV5000 Series
DV5020us Pavilion DV5100 Series DV5120us Pavilion DV5200 Series
DV5205us Pavilion DV8000 CTO Models DV8002ea DV8088us and any other DV8000 series models that require 3.5 amps)
Pavilion DV8100 DV8110us DV8113cl DV8120ca
DV8125nr Pavilion DV8200 EE885AV & EE885AVR models) DV8205tx
DV8210ca DV8210us DV8213cl DV8225ca
DV8225nr DV8240us Pavilion DV8301nr DV8305us
DV8305ca DV8309us DV8310ca DV8315ca
DV8315us Pavilion ZE2000 Series Pavilion ZE2100 Series Pavilion ZE2200 Series
pavilion ZE2300 Series Pavilion ZE2400 Series Pavilion ZE2500 Series Pavilion ZE4900 Series
ZE4901us ZE4910us ZE4330 Special Edition L2000 Series
Special Edition L2100 Series Special Edition L2200 Series Special Edition L2300 Series Hp Pavilion DV9100
DV9200 DV9300 DV9400 DV9500 Series
DV6000T DV6000Z DV6100 DV6105
DV6107 DV6110 DV6119 DV6113
DV6129 DV6130 DV6139 DV6140
DV6200 DV6206 DV6215 DV6225
DV6255 HP Pavilion DV8000 Series:DV8000 DV8000 CTO DV8005
DV8010 DV8013 DV8013CL DV8026ea
DV8040 DV8040CA DV8040US DV8045
DV8080 DV8088 DV8088US DV8100
DV8110 DV8110US DV8113 DV8113CL
DV8120 DV8120US DV8120CA DV8123
DV8123CL DV8125 DV8125NR DV8130
DV8130US DV8135nr DV8140 DV8140US
DV8155 DV8200 DV8220 HP Pavilion DV9000 Series
DV9000 DV9000EA DV9000T DV9000Z
DV9001 DV9001CA DV9001EA DV9001TX
DV9001XX DV9003 DV9003CA DV9003EA
DV9003TX DV9003XX DV9004 DV9004TX
DV9004XX DV9005 DV9005CA DV9005EA
DV9005TX DV9005US DV9006 DV9006EA
DV9006TX DV9007 DV9007EA DV9007TX
DV9008 DV9008EA DV9008EU DV9008NR
DV9008TX DV9009 DV9009CL DV9009TX
DV9009NR DV9009US DV9010 DV9010CA
DV9010EA DV9010TX DV9010US DV9011
DV9011EA DV9011XX DV9012 DV9012EA
DV9012TX DV9013 DV9013CA DV9013CL
DV9014 DV9014EA DV9014TX DV9015
DV9015EA DV9015TX DV9016 DV9016EA
DV9016TX DV9017 DV9017EA DV9017TX
DV9018 DV9018EA DV9018TX DV9019
DV9019EA DV9019TX DV9020 DV9020TX
DV9020XX DV9021 DV9021TX DV9021XX
DV9022 DV9022EA DV9022TX DV9023
DV9023US DV9024 DV9024EA DV9030
DV9030EA DV9030US DV9033 DV9033CL
DV9035 DV9035EA DV9035NR DV9036
DV9036EA DV9037 DV9037EA DV9038
DV9038EA DV9039 DV9039EA DV9040
DV9040EA DV9040EU DV9040TX DV9040US
DV9041 DV9041EA DV9042 DV9042EA
DV9043 DV9043EA DV9044 DV9044EA
DV9045 DV9045EA DV9046 DV9046EA
DV9047 DV9047EA DV9048 DV9048EA
DV9049 DV9049EA DV9050 DV9050EA
DV9051 DV9051EA DV9052 DV9052EA
DV9053 DV9053EA DV9054 DV9054EA
DV9055 DV9055EA DV9056 DV9056EA
DV9057 DV9057EA DV9058 DV9058EA
DV9059 DV9059EA DV9060EA DV9060US
DV9061 DV9061EA DV9062 DV9062EA
DV9064 DV9064EA DV9065 DV9065EA
DV9066 DV9066EA DV9067 DV9067EA
DV9068 DV9068EA DV9069 DV9069EA
DV9071 DV9071EA DV9072 DV9072EA
DV9073 DV9073EA DV9074 DV9074CL
DV9074EA DV9075 DV9075EA DV9075EU
DV9075LA DV9075XX DV9076 DV9076EA
DV9077 DV9077EA DV9078 DV9078EA
DV9079 DV9079EA DV9080 DV9080EA
DV9081 DV9081EA DV9082 DV9082EA
DV9083 DV9083EA DV9084 DV9084EA
DV9085 DV9085EA DV9086 DV9086EA
DV9087 DV9087EA DV9088 DV9088EA
DV9089 DV9089EA DV9090 DV9090EA
DV9091 DV9091EA DV9092 DV9092EA
DV9095 DV9095EU DV9095TX DV9095XX
DV9096 DV9096EA DV9096XX DV9097
DV9097EA DV9097XX DV9098 DV9098XX
DV9099 DV9099EA DV9099XX HP Compaq Armada 100
110 150 E300 E500
E500S E700 M300 V300
HP Compaq Business Notebook nc4000 nc4010 nc4200
nc6000 nc8000 nx4800 nx5000
nx6110 nx6130 nx7000 nx7010
nx9000 nx9000US nx9005 nx9005US
nx9008 nx9010 nx9010US HP Compaq Evo N100
N110 N115 N150 N160
N180 N200 N400 N400c
N410c N600 N600 N610
N610c N610v N620c N800
N800c N800v N800w N1000
N1000c N1000v N1005V N1010v
N1015v N1020v N1050v HP Compaq Pavilion
DV1000 DV1100 DV1200 DV1300
DV1400 DV1500 DV1600 DV1700
DV2000 DV2100 DV2200 DV5000
DV5100 DV6000 DV6700 DV6748US
DV6800 DV6810US DV6833US DV6871US
DV8000 DV8400 tx1000 ze2000
ze4900 zt3000 zt3100 HP Compaq Presario 2200XX
C500T NC4010 NC6000 NC6120
NC8000 NX5000 NX6110 NX6120
NX7010 NX90XX V2000 V3000
V5000 V6000 HP Compaq Special Edition L2000
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